Festival safeguarding

Take note, then take part

Some things to be aware of to ensure you can enjoy the festival to the full.

Event organisation & running details

Heritage Open Days (HODs) is a grass-roots project, so each event is organised and run by local individuals, groups and organisations – their passion makes the festival magic happen! Events are not assessed in detail by the national coordinators. Event listings are updated regularly but may not cover all changes.

Children & vulnerable adults

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or have the consent of an adult to ensure their wellbeing and safety. Whilst HODs support local organisers to plan and promote activities, we do not process DBS or other security checks. Local volunteers may have, and must take responsibility for, their own security check.

All visiting adults and carers must be responsible for their children or anyone considered an adult at risk, at all times – for both online and in-person events.

Reporting concerns

If you are concerned about the conduct, behaviour or actions of any person involved in HODs or you have concerns that someone is at risk of harm or abuse, please report this via [email protected] and your concerns will be dealt with in accordance with our safeguarding process.

Other things to note: