01 Jun 2023
by Heritage Open Days

Old photo of ice cream vendor serving a small girl
Classic vanilla or something more exotic? There's something for everyone with our festival - not least of which is a brilliant chance to learn about the history of ice cream! (© Wicksteed Park)

Our ‘Creativity Unwrapped’ theme is definitely proving popular and features in most of the team's choices, but there are lots of other fantastic events to explore, theme related or not! What would you pick?

Liam screams for ice cream

Wicksteed Park Ice Cream Tour & Tasting (Northamptonshire)

Food history is always SO fascinating hence this event stood out to me as an early highlight (and not just for the free tasting!). It encapsulates 3 years-worth of festival themes – 2023’s Creativity Unwrapped with its nod to cake decoration, 2022’s Astounding Inventions with a turn to the world of Ice Cream Factories, and 2021’s Edible England with the topic of ice cream history itself! I love how each year the festival theme can be taken in so many different directions and I can’t wait to see more events celebrating the history of creativity. Bonus points if they include a free tasting and chance to see baby goats like this one does…

History of Wicksteed Park ice cream tour and tasting

How is ice cream made and what's its story? Find out this September. (© Wicksteed Park)

Alex wants to know what's in the box?!

Jukebox Manufacturer Factory Tour (West Yorkshire)

A chance to go behind the scenes and experience something new always catches my eye… so when I saw a jukebox factory tour, how could I say no? From acoustic to electric – the Jukebox revolutionised how we listen to music, and Sound Leisure have been leading the way since 1978. With an exclusive guided factory tour to experience first-hand the jukebox manufacturing process, see how these musical masterpieces are designed and developed.

Alex wants to know what's in the box?!

What's inside the box? Find out how jukeboxes are put together on a very special tour. (© Sound Leisure)

Charlotte seeks illumination

Skills with Quills (Norfolk)

With so many fantastic events this year it is hard to have a favourite, however one not to miss event is certainly ‘Skills with Quills’ in Norwich. Not only does Norfolk Record Office’s expertly named event shine a light on one of the most valued documentations of art development but delves further to highlight the craft behind them such as the materials used, specific parchment or ink recipes. Those who attend will also be able to have an experiment with some of the writing styles, different techniques to make something utterly memorable!

Skills with quills

Find out how these artworks were made - could you do better? (© Norfolk Record Office)

Sarah likes the sound of this

Music in Art (Cornwall)

Liskeard always has a great hub of events and they’ve really been inspired by our theme this year with tours on architectural features and places where artisans of the past lived, but this event is the one for me…. A special talk that not only looks at ancient musical instruments depicted in paintings but also shows you replicas of those instruments and gives you a chance to hear what they sound like! Get me a train ticket down south and count me in!

Liskeard unlocked - Liskeard Arts Society talk on music in art

See and (hear!) sounds of the past at a very special talk on musical instruments. (© Sophie Matthews)

PLEASE NOTE - These events were accurate at the time of publication but details are subject to change. Please check the individual entries for more.

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