17 Aug 2022
by Sarah Holloway

Mosaic of photographs surrounding the New Wave logo. Images include archways, surgical art illustration, a woman doing yoga in a garden, and a person

New Wave is a training programme made possible with the support of players of People's Postcode Lottery. It takes a small group of local festival organisers through a structured programme focused on working with young adults. 

Follow the river and rewind time  

Thames Lark (Thames Discovery Programme – MOLA, London)

Detective hats on for this one… follow the clues to uncover hidden histories by the river. Gather them all and head to a secret location for a magical evening.

Navigate the night maze

Out of Time at Cranford Park (Hillingdon Council, London)

Help - time is out of sync at Cranford! Can you navigate the night maze to restore order ? Be ready for anything as a cast of characters help you survive the evening’s challenges and uncover the history of the park. (© Paul McGarrity)

Create a masterpiece

A Celebration of Art (The Landmark Trust, Dorset)

Like art? History? Nature in the beautiful outdoors? Then Dunshay Manor has it all for you - a host of artists in different media will be on hand, including a wildlife photographer. Be inspired by their work, have a chat and get their top tips to create your own masterpiece, or contribute to a community one.

Staying alive

Art & Surgery - Exeter and Devon Medical Trust, Devon

Immerse yourself in the art of surgery… explore how these seemingly different areas of expertise are closely intwined. Enjoy this special interactive exhibition and be sure to add your suggestions to the surgeon’s playlist! (© Exeter & Devon Medical Trust)

Quiz time

OrigiNation (University of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire)

Celebrate the collaborative spirit of inventors and creatives. Take a tour of the Museum of Technology and then test your knowledge with the pub quiz – game on!

Star gazing and clock watching

Starry Night (St Albans Cathedral, Hertfordshire)

For an out of this world evening head to the Cathedral. Inside, explore astounding inventions, like a very special 14th century clock. Then head out to the Orchard for some awesome astronomy. (© St Albans Cathedral)

Find a new fashion favourite

Eco Swap Shop at Dunham Massey (National Trust, Greater Manchester)

Swap your wares, treat your taste buds, and relax with art and music in the beautiful grounds of Dunham Massey. 

What lies beneath?

Axes, Archaeology and the Abbey (Evesham Abbey, Worcestershire)

Ready to chance your arm at something adventurous? Then this axe-throwing activity is for you! If that's a little too thrilling though, don't worry, come to the Abbey anyway to explore what lies beneath with archaeology experts. (© Evesham Abbey)

Serenity + sport

Crook Hall Gardens (National Trust, County Durham)

A dose of calm: Breathe in… and out… and strettchhhhhhh, and breathe... I’m no expert but beginners are welcome here! Stretch out and relax in the beautiful walled garden with a local yoga instructor.

Play time!: Ready, steady… GO! Get ready to run, jump, and puzzle things out at this fun sports day. There’ll be plenty of games and activities to challenge the whole family.

Get on the case

Crime Unlocked (Berwick Archives, Northumberland)

Discover the dark side of Berwick’s history. Uncover the crimes that took place in the town during the 18th and 19th centuries. Be judge and jury on historic criminal cases and experience life in an early 19th century jail. (© Berwick Archives)

Ripple effect - a New Wave legacy

Makers Skills (Locomotion, County Durham)

Locomotion’s Youth Team are back with a new ‘late’ special for the festival. Established through last year’s New Wave programme this year they’ve been inspired by our Astounding Inventions theme. Join them for a fun and fascinating evening exploring the skills it takes to engineer these railway greats!

PLEASE NOTE - These events were accurate at the time of publication but the details may change. Some events require pre-booking. Please check the individual entries for updates and details.

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