12 Dec 2016

An image taken of a family with two small children, holding up a cardboard selfie frame and making fun faces towards the camera.

Numbers up

  • A record high of 5293 events
  • Put on by an extraordinary 2073 local organisers
  • Coordinating over 40,000 volunteers

Connecting communities

  • 72% visitors live locally
  • 87% of visitors felt HODs made them appreciate their local area more
  • 75% of visitors said HODs made them feel more part of their local community
  • 76% of volunteers said HODs made them feel more pride in their local area/heritage
  • Estimated minimum of £10 million contributed to local economies over the festival

Cultural Gateway

  • 40% of visitors had not visited a heritage site in the past 12 months
  • 80% of visitors were inspired to visit more in future
  • 86% of visitors agree that they are visiting because it is important to support local heritage
  • 51% of organisers at sites that are open to the public on other occasions reported seeing a more diverse audience attending

Many thanks to all who participated, especially our wonderful local organisers - one visitor summed it up for us saying:

You all do a wonderful job for the community.




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