24 Oct 2022
by Sam Cullen

A women sat at a desk in the downstairs area of a building. To her left is the start of the staircase, to the right displays and HODs flags!

An amazing experience. Obviously, numbers were down the first few days because of the sad news of the Queen's death, but overall the event was warmly received by visitors with lots of new engagement and supporters.

Why we take part

To share our collections. As we are normally closed (until we open a new museum in 2025) this is a key engagement opportunity for us. As a small organisation, we don’t have lots of marketing power so being part of a national festival is a great opportunity for us.

What we do for HODs

2022 Event directory description: The Alfred Gillett Trust in Street are opening their doors to celebrate the 'Astounding Invention' that is the Latin Verse Machine (LVM). The LVM, or Eureka, is a one-of-a-kind machine that creates Latin poetry. Come and discover how and why John Clark, (cousin of the shoemaker Clarks) created this machine and how it continues to inspire students of engineering, poetry and computing today.


The difference it makes

  • As a result of HODs we now have links with two local educational organisations we had struggled to connect with previously. We gained new volunteers and supporters.
  • We have shown the importance of strengthening events with additional activities outside of the core exhibition.
Three people stood around a wooden contraption. On four long feet, the contraption is around 2m tall.
Visitors were intrigued by the inner workings of the curious Latin Verse Machine.  (© Arnhel De Serra / Heritage Open Days 2022)
Absolutely amazing.



Wonderful experience, friendly knowledgeable staff. Blew my socks off!



Fantastic interpretation - amazing!



Nice surprise & best bit!

How long visitors stayed and engaged with us at every level. Seeing people walk through the door unsure of what they would be seeing and leaving with massive smiles on their faces having been surprised and delighted by our offer.

Sam's top tip!

Just go for it. Don’t underestimate how long it takes to arrange events and make sure you publicise.

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