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Mosaic of old photographs of people, several in hats, one playing a fiddle, another holding a dog.

Family History - Tracing Travelling People

Wall of small rectangular coloured cards pinned into a display of a heart with the letters NHS across it.

Migration Museum - Heart of the Nation

Large group of women holding white placards on the steps of a monument.

The Extraordinary Women of the WI

Illustrated print of 18th century fencing match. A man in breeches on the left parrying a woman in dress and cap watched by well dressed crowd.

Forgotten Battles: Gender in the Armouries

A re-enactor dressed as a mill worker, surrounded by wicker baskets.

Disability History: 'Any Work' at the Mill

An art work of a steal pan band, abstract the individuals are in a drawn form with bright yellow, green and blue colours.

Creativity Unwrapped - a miscellany

An illustration of a women from the neck up, the outline of her head is traced by a chain, either side are blue flames.

Celeste - The unconquered blacksmith

A single green carnation flower in a small vase.

Say it With Flowers

Two images: Photograph of black Victorian woman, seated. Illustration of black Victorian man.

The Power of Protest: Black Abolitionists in 19th Century Dewsbury

Three individuals from Queer China, dressed in bright colours and all holding drinks and toasting for a picture.

Exploring Queer Britain

A black and white image of an airship, surrounded by scaffolding with workers helping with it's construction.

Celebrating Women in Engineering

Painting of two men against a river reeds background and a building on the far bank.

A 40 Year Duet

Image mosaic: illustrations of historic black men. One by a shop, one a circus ringmaster, one as an author portrait.

Norwich: A Black History

'Queer the Pier' in fairground font on a pale pink background.

Queer the Pier - the brilliance of community curation

An Edwardian black and white photograph taken of women dressed in full length dark dresses, coats and hats, stood on a pier looking to the harbour.

International Travellers - pioneering women who worked at sea

A rainbow in front of a grey clouded sky and above a line of bare winter trees.

Hidden Histories...a story of belonging

A black and white image of doctor and nurses in cape coats outside a building. Two of the individuals are sat and the others are gathered around on.

Meddlesome (or Marvellous) Millie

A collection of beautifully handwritten letters in front of black background.

'Your Ever Loving G'

Two images. One of a map of England with highlight points. Then a black and white image of a women with short hair, white shirt, sat amongst men.

Who's that girl?

A half white stone and half Tudor timbered framed building on the left. The Right, a portrait of a women with short curls and high neck black dress.

Gentleman Jack and Shibden Hall

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