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Older man in high vis showing a younger man and child a small object. Knelt on ground by a pit in front of a grand house.

Introducing… CBA Festival of Archaeology

Mosaic of old photographs of people, several in hats, one playing a fiddle, another holding a dog.

Family History - Tracing Travelling People

Wall of small rectangular coloured cards pinned into a display of a heart with the letters NHS across it.

Migration Museum - Heart of the Nation

Old map of Kent highlighting pilgrimage stops.

Ancient Paths, Modern Hearts

Large group of women holding white placards on the steps of a monument.

The Extraordinary Women of the WI

A Japanese painting of women viewing the famous cherry blossom, walking in groups under parasols.

Festival of Blossom

A group of individual finger tip prints, which have been doodled on with dark pen to have eyes, arms and legs. They are all holding hands and jumping.

Introducing... The January Challenge

A group of Painted tiles with the design of a cat.

Introducing... Icon: the expert care & repair shop

Traces of a drawing that remaining on a wall, a face wearing a crown suggests it was once a king.

Introducing... Friends of Friendless Churches

A drone photograph taken from a distance of a red bricked building in a field. The building has green accents of doors, windowpanes and gutters.

Curious Landmarks - not your usual holiday getaway!

A collage of images of gardens; from pictures taken from drones, unique garden futures and views from windows.

Glorious Gardens

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