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Illustrated print of 18th century fencing match. A man in breeches on the left parrying a woman in dress and cap watched by well dressed crowd.

Forgotten Battles: Gender in the Armouries

Three views of a painting: portrait of a woman, woman with a parrot peeking round her shoulder, green parrot on perch.

Can you believe what you see?

Large black bird popping out of book.

BFI National Archive - creativity beyond film

An open page of a book showing a coloured drawn atlas, showing the earths rotation.

7 Beautiful Books

Circus poster illustration of a woman standing atop a galloping horse as men walk alongside.

Playbills of the past

Old metal hairdryer - cylinder with four small blunt spikes.

Astounding Inventions in the National Trust’s Collection

Graceful pale dog, legs stretched out as if running at full tilt, a  small wheel between the front paws.

Let’s Bake! A rummage through the National Trust’s collections

Image mosaic: room with cabinets full of whisky bottles; whisky bottle and box; misty mountainous landscape with river valley.

Untapped Tales - whisky galore!

Wooden cat stands by china saucer on stone flagged floor.

Curious Collections of the National Trust

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