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Lightbulb standing upright on wet grey surface. Reflecting rainbow colours from the water.

Planning & Inspiration 2024

A collage of eighteen photos showing people posing inside pink New Wave selfie frames.

A look back at New Wave 2023


Festival Review 2023


We've been shortlisted!

A collage of images, from the LGTBQ+ flag, a manicured garden at a stately home, look down a stone arched passageway and stained glass widnow

Festival Review 2022

Collage of images, a women with pink hair wearing a VR headset, a Minecraft virtually recreated city, families sat on the grass at an outdoor cinema.

Festival Review 2021


HODs Festival Review 2020

A collage of highlights from the 20219 festival. People walking in woods, around historic houses and hard hat tours

HODs Headlines 2019

Two children playing in a grassy field with a lighthouse, both flying kites.

HODs Headlines 2018

An image of a template which can be hand constructed into a paper castle. On the castle there are images and stats of the festival.

HODs Headlines 2017

An image taken of a family with two small children, holding up a cardboard selfie frame and making fun faces towards the camera.

HODs Headlines 2016

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