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Old bicycle with black frame and yellow wheels.

This Sporting Life


Secret Spaces and Places

Woman walking down a curved white corridor in a modern building with angled ceiling and glass wall.

Lights, Camera, Bunting: 7 fantastic film locations

Pink H inked stamp and its print on a piece of white paper.

First Pick of the Season

Close up of an old manuscript covered in calligraphic script.

Online Events

A street parade. A Black man is foregrounded, in a grey suit with large models of a hard hat, fedora, TFL hat and nurses hat attached to him by poles.

Still To Come

Collage of images around Creativity Unwrapped logo showing topiary, morris dancers, someone painting, a shelf of books and hands holding film negative

Creativity Unwrapped

Close up of hands repairing a book spine.

Meet the experts – conservation special

Logo design of a silhouette of a woman dancing surrounded by a circle of stars and a line of music.

European Heritage Days 2023 - explore more

A close up of a gold ring on a wooden wedge. It is being cut with a wire on a saw.

Meet the experts

Mosaic of images from crafting, war ships, stained glass windows, ornate corridors.

New Wave 2023

Two children and two women stand around a table with wool, threads and sewing tools.

Fantastic Family Friendly Events

A large gallery with red brick walls and a wooden roof. A long, thin wooden boat is foregrounded and various Indian objects are on display.

Worldwide Wonders

Four apples on a leafy branch of a tree.

Gardens of Culinary Delights

A close up of marginalia in a medieval manuscript. A red and yellow striped dragon with tongue sticking out next to blue and pink flowers.

Access All Areas!

A selection of various musical programs.

A Medley of Musical Events

Old photo of ice cream vendor serving a small girl

What’s your flavour?

A mosaic of photographs from the festival including gardens, stained glass, pottery crafts and inviting doorways.

Astounding Inventions

A conservator looks through a large freestanding magnifying glass to complete intricate work on a small item

Meet the Experts - conservation conversations

Mosaic of photographs surrounding the New Wave logo. Images include archways, surgical art illustration, a woman doing yoga in a garden, and a person

New Wave 2.0

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