Pink H inked stamp and its print on a piece of white paper.

First Pick of the Season

China milk jug, cups and saucers with metal tea pot and plate of scones on a table outside.

Take 5 with the Team

Mosaic of old photographs of people, several in hats, one playing a fiddle, another holding a dog.

Family History - Tracing Travelling People

Wall of small rectangular coloured cards pinned into a display of a heart with the letters NHS across it.

Migration Museum - Heart of the Nation

Old map of Kent highlighting pilgrimage stops.

Ancient Paths, Modern Hearts

Birds eye view of two people having tea and sticky buns at a round wooden table.

Take 5 with the Team

Large group of women holding white placards on the steps of a monument.

The Extraordinary Women of the WI

Illustrated print of 18th century fencing match. A man in breeches on the left parrying a woman in dress and cap watched by well dressed crowd.

Forgotten Battles: Gender in the Armouries

Members only
Lightbulb standing upright on wet grey surface. Reflecting rainbow colours from the water.

Planning & Inspiration 2024

Blue starburst fireworks

New Year Honours – 2023 festival favourites

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