Anniversary Gallery

To celebrate our 30th anniversary we've created this special gallery page. A 30 for 30 showcase of the wonderful sites, stories and people that have made Heritage Open Days so magical over the years. 

Click the images below to read the stories.

The Mascot
The Love Letters
The Sisters
The Buses
The Shepherd's Hut
The Historic Home
The Fairy Tale
The Hand-carved House
The Fort
The Nature Reserves
The Sound Walks
The Masonic Hall
The Theatre
The Factory
The Hip Hop Crew
The Farm
The Cathedral
The Tunnel
The Print Studio
The Meeting House
The Port
The Exhibition
The War Huts
The Creative Town
The Sailing Barge
The Ancient Monument
The Almshouses
The Net Huts
The Wikithons
The Conservators

How we got here

Heritage Open Days is a grass roots led festival, so almost all the stories were nominated by local organisers and over half voted in from a shortlist by the public. The rest were chosen by the national team for their links to the festival's early years and national partnerships or projects.

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What next?

What stories will fill the gallery of the next 30 years? Could you be part of it?

As wonderfully varied as our festival is, we know that there are voices missing from our community, stories not yet being shared. Could you help us fill those gaps?

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